Why seek Counseling?

~  The terms Counseling and Psychotherapy tend to bring out strong feelings in most people. It’s very normal to feel hesitant to seek counseling if you haven’t done so before. The hardest part is finding the right counselor, and making the appointment.

~  In my experience, people who have tried counseling with me or others, almost always say they were happy they did. Although each counselor has his or her own style and methods, counseling should always be confidential, comfortable, and judgment-free.  It should feel like a safe space where you can be yourself and speak freely.

~ I welcome you to explore my website, learn about my unique style of counseling and call me with any questions! Let me be a resource to becoming your healthiest and happiest self!

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What I offer that’s unique:

  • I believe that effective counseling is more than simply listening to my clients. My work encompasses authentic listening and reflecting, feedback and educating, employing effective and creative therapy techniques, and goal setting. Most of my clients are happy with my more direct style and feel progress sooner than with traditional counseling approaches. With active engagement, I see my clients progressing instead of spinning their wheels. 
  • I am a culturally sensitive and LGBT friendly therapist. I was fortunate to begin my practice in Atlanta, where I worked with a diverse array of clients, with a diverse array of concerns. I have experience with gay/lesbian couples and interracial couples as well. You can expect a safe environment where you can be yourself without fear of judgment.


A wide range of expertise:

  • I offer both experiential and skills-based therapy depending on my clients needs. What this means is that I have lots of tools in my therapy box from seminars, trainings, and certifications. Hypnotherapy, CBT, Mindfulness, Psychodrama, and ERP to name a few.
  • My skills range from  helping people heal from past wounds and traumas through body-based therapies to teaching people cognitive strategies to be more effective at work.
  • I also work with Couples to help them connect on an authentic emotional level or help them see and fix their relational patterns through agreements and goal setting.


Availability and ease:

  • I offer sessions on short notice. I will always attempt to fit a client in if there is room on my normal schedule, even if it’s later the same day. This can mean a lot to someone who needs immediate support. I also offer Skype and Phone counseling to clients who travel or who are unable to get to the office for various reasons.
  • Current clients can book online!


Questions? Call me at 970-497-4866 for a free phone consultation!