Online Counseling is web-based video counseling. It requires some computer knowledge (or willingness to learn), a webcam, microphone and a good internet connection. Depending on your comfort with technology, Online counseling could be a great counseling format for you! It is a convenient and cost-effective method, and there are minimal differences between In-Person and Online Counseling.  You can have a session on your lunch break, during your child’s nap time, on business trips, etc.

**Note: I only offer online counseling to residents of Colorado, where I am licensed to practice. 

I use Skype video conferencing for each session. To learn more about Skype or to sign up, go to:

  • When you decide you’d like to start counseling, we will schedule an initial session by phone or email.
  • You will receive a link to complete the paperwork (all electronic) that I’ll need you to fill out and “sign.”
  • You will need to sign up for Skype, if you haven’t already. I will ask for your Skype ID, and I will send an invitation to connect. My Skype ID is jackiejohnsonlapc.
  • I will send a PayPal invoice to your email address, so that you can pay prior to the session. I take PayPal as the only payment method for Online sessions. My Online rate is $110 per 55 minute session.
  • At our appointment time, I will call you on Skype.
  • During the initial session, I will ask you lots of questions to get an understanding of what you are struggling with/how you want to grow, and give you my impressions about the best way to begin the process.
  • After the first session, hopefully you will be completely comfortable using the video format, and we’ll begin the process of counseling!
  • Note: Online counseling is not recommended for crisis situations or individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts. If you are experiencing a psychological emergency, please dial 911. I also do not offer Skype for couples.