What is Counseling and how does it help?

Counseling is a term that tends to elicit strong feelings and ideas in all of us. In fact, most of the hesitation in seeking counseling is due to the stigma attached to a faulty idea of what it really is.

Counseling is a relationship between a qualified, licensed Mental Health Provider (typically Counselor, Social Worker, or Psychologist) and a client. There are many different ways to perform counseling, but its foundation is typically empathic listening, reflecting, and feedback.  This is similar to what you would get from a friend or family member.  The difference is in the guarantee of confidentiality that you get with a Mental Health Provider and impartiality/acceptance which is inherent to counseling.   In other words, you get an unbiased “sounding board” to process your feelings and ideas,  without fear of being rejected, judged, or your secrets shared.

For people seeking Couples or Marital Counseling, therapy is an invaluable resource because of the presence of an objective third party.  For some couples, a third party is required to get them back on track and out of a cycle of blame.  A counselor also assists in enhancing communication, teaching skills, and helping them practice and put into effect what is learned.

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